January 5th, 2018

A One-Of-A-Kind Bridal Shower

January 5, 2018
With Bridal Season on the horizon, I wanted to create a beautiful and elegant Bridal Shower table that is also incredibly meaningful. And what better way todo so than creating a table from family heirlooms, vintage wedding china, and culinary traditions. After all, marrying someone is bringing together two families, so why not begin this merging at the Bridal Shower, taking...

Pyrex® Simply Store® 4-Cup Storage

January 5, 2018
Happy New Year everyone!! I wanted to share a post today that will inspire you to get your kitchen and leftovers in tip top shape as we head into the new year… Here’s to getting organized!! During the week I cook dinner for my kids every night, and while I try to make what I envision to be the right...
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