Pyrex® Simply Store® 4-Cup Storage

Happy New Year everyone!! I wanted to share a post today that will inspire you to get your kitchen and leftovers in tip top shape as we head into the new year… Here’s to getting organized!!

During the week I cook dinner for my kids every night, and while I try to make what I envision to be the right amount for our family, we ALWAYS have leftovers!! I used to have a ton of plastic tupperware containers that I would use to store my left-overs in, but once I was introduced to Pyrex® Simply Store® 4-Cup Storage, I was completely converted.

For one, the storage containers are glass which means when we go to serve the leftovers the next day there is no transferring to a plate or bowl required. Simply remove the lid and heat {ie. less extras to clean up – yes!} Two, they are dishwasher safe… again, less clean up – woohoo! Three, I love the way they stack so nicely; it looks so neat and organized in my fridge. Four, while I love the sweet designs on the containers, glass allows me to see what’s inside!

Here’s a look at some of my Pyrex® Simply Store® 4-Cup Storage on my bar cart! See more of my favorite Pyrex items in this FH post.

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively 

Thank you to Pyrex for partnering on this post.


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