August, 2017

FH Baby Sprinkle Party

August 30, 2017
When you become pregnant with your first, friends throw you a baby shower. Then your second and third come along, and while you have the essentials, your friends may still want to throw you a little celebration. Hence the term Baby Sprinkle came to life… a gathering of your friends and family to celebrate the newest addition to your family....

Planning the FH Baby Sprinkle: All the Details

August 29, 2017
When planning my parties I always create a mood board. This then evolves into a categorized checklist of everything I need to make sure the event is color-coordinated and has all of the essentials. So today I wanted to share the checklist I made when planning my Baby Sprinkle since it truly came out more adorable than I could have ever...

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 25, 2017
With my pregnancy has come quite the sweet tooth! And while I always try to make “healthy” choices, a sweet every night {and let’s be serious, many days after lunch as well!}, I am searching the pantry for a little something. This summer a TON of my friends went on new health kicks from veganism to paleo, you name it....
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