February, 2015

Glam Squad

February 28, 2015
This Valentine’s Day was slightly different than most… it happened to coincide with my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday, so she and my in-laws flew to New York to celebrate the occasion, booking a fancy dinner reservation at Il Mulino {seriously the most delicious Italian restaurant in the East Village}. While we wanted to get all dolled up for the special night,...

Nursery Shelves

February 27, 2015
In the last few months we have had a few exciting changes in the kiddos’ rooms… Brooks was rolling and moving so much he was ready to transfer from a mini alba crib {or similar} to a standard size crib, and since Reese was turning two {and realistically we didn’t want to purchase a second crib}, it was time for her...

Highlights of Instagram

February 25, 2015
I love sharing snapshots of the real me on Instagram… Follow me at @FashionableHostess if you don’t already! Today I wanted to share a glimpse of what has been most popular {and gotten the most ‘likes’} because some are just too pretty to miss. The highlights include… 1. A hashtag I created called #FHCoffeeTable which showcases my living room coffee table and how I style...
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