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FH Coffee table roses updated

I love sharing snapshots of the real me on Instagram… Follow me at @FashionableHostess if you don’t already! Today I wanted to share a glimpse of what has been most popular {and gotten the most ‘likes’} because some are just too pretty to miss. The highlights include… 1. A hashtag I created called #FHCoffeeTable which showcases my living room coffee table and how I style it, whether it’s with daily floral arrangements or for Happy Hours. 2. Pictures of stunning flowers that I find in the Flower District; I am so lucky to live only a few short blocks away! And 3. The perks of being a true New York City local, views of my neighborhood the Flatrion District during this freezing but beautiful snowy weather! Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular pics as of late…

Fashionable Hostess Coffee Table Display for Happy Hour on Instagram

#FHCoffeeTable : Juliska wine glasses & Kelly Wearstler bronze legs

Fashionable Hostess Instagram - Roses

Pink English Garden Roses

Fashionable Hostess Desk Display on Instagram

#ChateauFH : My Desk details {see them here}


#ChateauFH : Diptyque candles & Geometric Jars

Fashionable Hostess Magnolia on Instagram

#BabyGluck : Prep for Reese’s Birthday Party

Fashionable Hostess Instagram - Flatiron Images

View of the Flatiron Building as we walk to Eataly

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    1. Thanks Kari! It’s amazing how pretty the photos are in the winter… almost makes it worth risking frost bite for the photo 😉

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