March 24th, 2014

Organize your Makeup

March 24, 2014
When I moved into my new apartment I faced a battle that I think most women face in any new home… lack of storage space. I mean seriously, were these bathrooms designed by men? One medicine cabinet for a couple?? I can fill a medicine cabinet with hair products alone… and then my husband needs a few shelves? Oh brother!...

Featured on

March 24, 2014
I am SO THRILLED to be featured as an “Amazing Blog to Follow” by seriously the most GORGEOUS website online, My heart fluttered when they wrote, “We adore The Fashionable Hostess for a multitude of reasons, but her exquisite, totally-approachable style inspires us daily.” {ahhhh!!!} Make sure to check out their full list of 15 blogs to follow in this post ;...
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