Passover Checklist

Passover Seder Checklist //

Passover, the Jewish Holiday celebrating the Jews’ exile from Egypt and their escape from slavery, begins the evening of Monday the 14th. While growing up I dreaded the Holiday because it meant a week without any of my usual indulgences – saying goodbye to bread, bars, cereal, pasta, and rice, I now have come to embrace it for the lovely Seder dinner as well as an added week-long cleanse from all unnecessary carbs.

This year I am celebrating the first night of Passover with my in-laws in Nashville {stay tuned for a really incredible spread on my Instagram}, but the second night I am hosting a small gathering for family at my apartment in NYC. In prepping for the dinner before I leave town, I decided to get out my essentials so I wouldn’t be panicking the day I get back. If you are also planning to host a Seder, I have put together a checklist for what you will need to be prepared to host the holiday, of course with the most stylish and modern FH-approved Seder accessories.

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Passover Seder Table Checklist:

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Passover Checklist // Fashionable Hostess

On your actual Seder Plate you will need the following:

1. Z’roah – a shank bone 2. Beitzah – a hard boiled egg 3. Maror– bitter herbs 4. Charoset – mixture of sliced apples, walnuts and wine {I would recommend extra because it’s so yummy!} 5. Karpas – parsley {As well as a cup of Salt water.} And lastly, there are three matzahs on the table; we break the middle matzah, which becomes the Afikomen.

*Note: I got this list from the which has a lot of other helpful holiday prep tips. Still confused? Sometimes a picture of each of these items can help make it more clear/ less of a hassle in the supermarket. I found a helpful one on Wikipedia.

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Love some of the other accents on my table? I added some pops of gold and raffia for Spring via my Kelly Wearstler Signature Bronze Legs and a Lapinu Tribal Necklace from DAKORUM.