DIY Champagne Party Favors

DIY Baby Boy Shower Party Favors

Whenever I throw a party for someone, I love incorporating a personalized take away that guests will enjoy. So for today’s post I am sharing a little DIY treat I created for my baby boy Brooks’ bris. I know what you are thinking… champagne for a baby celebration? Well, after 9 months, trust me the first thing on your mind is a glass of bubbly!

I wanted to pair together two of my favorite things… champagne and cookies. So then the search for the right presentation began. I had seen Pommery POP mini champagne bottles at the liquor store {aka. mini blue champagne bottles}, so these were a must! Then I wanted a customizable dessert, so I remembered from when I had used Eleni’s cookies in my Easter Table presentation that they had the option todo so.

After seeing all of their cookie options, it was a done deal. We took their adorable elephant cookies and had ‘Brooks’ written across the top, and since my husband is a die hard Tennessee football fan, the orange {for his team’s color} was the perfect outline. The last step was buying white ribbon to tie the cookie to the bottle; I made sure to secure the cookie just high enough so you could still see the cute champagne label. **Note: this is also an adorable and executable idea for a Baby Shower {just write “Boy” or “Girl” rather than a specific name on the cookie}, a Bachelorette {write the bride’s name on the cookie, or an image of a bride and groom}, or a Birthday, and don’t worry because Pommery makes pink bottles too!

The gifts turned out so cute we decided to place them in clusters on the tables instead of centerpieces, which was fabulous because we would no longer needed flowers – Cheers to a double success! Guests admired the favors as they ate and shmoozed and then they were thrilled to take them home at the end of the day. It was the perfect adult party favor treat! {See my full recap from the event here.}

Baby Boy Baby Shower DIY centerpiecesMini Blue Pop Champagnes + Elenis Cookies