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Decorate your bar cart for St Patricks Day by Fashionable HostessSt Patricks cocktails by Fashionable Hostess

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After a few too many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations spent at dirty bars drinking nasty Irish beers, I decided it was high time I host a classy version of the holiday at Chateau FH for friends to enjoy. I love a good day drinking session so I decided to call this for brunch time with green themed cocktails and breakfast-friendly snacks.

I was beyond thrilled to debut my new Target bar cart {only $130!!} for the occasion. I displayed my drinks and festive straws on the top tier of the cart and then food and flowers on the bottom level. For cocktails I created my own variation of ‘Green Leprechaun Punch,’ which I love since it’s perfect for serving in a punch bowl or large pitcher.

Host a St Patricks Day Party with your gold bar cart by Fashionable HostessSt Patricks Day party decorations and straws by Fashionable Hostess

To make this festive St. Patricks’s Day cocktail, follow my recipe…

FH Green Leprechaun Punch {serves 10 guests}

  • 1/2 liter Belvedere Vodka
  • 1/2 liter Green Tea
  • 2 bottles or 24 oz of Sipp Sparkling Pear Drink
  • Full bunch of fresh mint
  • Mint and clover straws to garnish

For brunch foods I made mini vanilla yogurt parfaits topped with fresh Kiwi {for just the right hint of healthy green!}. Not shown but highly recommended are spinach scrambled eggs, home-made guacamole, and kale chips. Served alongside fresh white flowers, the display is about as classy as St. Patrick’s Day can get! Cheers!

St Patricks Day Party food - yogurt with kiwi parfait by Fashionable HostessSt Patricks Day Party by Fashionable Hostess

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  1. What a beautiful room — love the table. Would you be so kind to share who makes it or where i could fine it? Thx!

    1. Thanks Deb my glass coffee table is from TUI lifestyle! I get endless compliments on it actually!!

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