Valentine’s Day Cheese Board

Get Ready to Fall in Love

For this Valentine’s Day I wanted to create the perfect appetizer board with TONS of heart shaped options to choose from!! To start, I loved the idea of something on the healthier side – so tomato, basil, and heart shaped mozzarella were the perfect salad substitute. Then what would a cheese board be without a creamy Brie! So for my brie, I displayed it in two ways; I used a heart cookie cutter to cut the heart of the center and filled the middle with a layer of raspberry jam and fresh raspberries on top. Then I placed the heart I cut out on the opposite side of the board surrounded by more fruits and sea salt crackers. Lastly I took a classic white sharp cheddar and cut into hearts for easy pick-up snacking!! And that’s that. Simple and easy valentines board for you and your partner or friends to enjoy!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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