Unique Dessert Ideas for your Dinner Party


I love finding unique desserts to serve at my dinner parties, so here’s a list of my top picks as of late… both trending and bound to impress guests! Get ready to indugle that sweet tooth!

  1. Maggie Louise Confections chocolates. The prettiest chocolates I have ever seen… above features the ‘Glow Chocolate Box Set’. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas and gorgeous packaging to boot. {Purchase here}
  2. Agave Dream Lavender Ice Cream. All-natural and sweetened with Agave Nectar, this is definitely a fun new flavor for guests. {Purchase here}
  3. GoodieBites Cake Pops. We have all seen the cake pop trend, but ones that are customizable to any holiday, birthday party, or super hero character? This company can do it all. {Purchase here}
  4. Spots NYC Cupcakes. Bite sized cupcakes that, again, are customizable… put your company logo for corporate events, put a couples engagement photo for the bridal shower… the options are endless. {Purchase here}
  5. Mast Brothers Chocolates. More of a take-home gift than a serving gift, these bars are the trendiest thing in New York right now, plus the packaging is very cool. {Purchase here}
  6. Ladurée Macarons. The mothership of all macaron companies. They may be a bit pricey, but beautifully packaged and shaped to perfection, these are the ultimate hostess version to serve. {Purchase here}
  7. Eleni’s Cookies. Baked in a nut-free bakery, these sugar cookies are the absolute sweetest. I especially love the “Color Me” cookies for kids… they come with special markers so the kids can decorate the cookies before digging in! {Purchase here}
  8. Candy Cigars. Ideal for a smoke-free celebration or as party favors, these bubble gum cigars also come in “It’s a Girl” and “It’s a Boy” packaging for a baby shower! {Purchase here}
  9. Magnolia Bakery. Clearly I am obsessed… I featured these cupcakes endlessly on my social media for Reese’s birthday. These cupcakes which originally became popular thanks to the show ‘Sex and the City,’ are my all-time favorite in looks and taste. {Purchase here}

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