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Bar Glasses, Wine Glasses, and Martini Shakers : everything you need in your bar by Fashionable Hostess

I have a huge glassware collection {as you saw in this post}, but the truth is if you want to be a “proper” hostess, you need different glasses for different types of drinks. Yes, having one standard set of wine glasses is fine, but for an elegant seated dinner party, it’s nice to have a white wine glass as well as a red wine glass. I also like to start most of my parties serving a tray of champagne, so that adds a set of champagne flutes to the list. And then don’t think those mis-matched glasses in your cupboard will work for water at your table – you need an elegant set {or at least one that matches!} to complete the look.

Wine Glasses //

If I caught you in the midst of your wedding registry, then you are in luck because this is the perfect time to ask for everything you have ever dreamed of and hopefully have people buy it for you. If you are just little you and sitting there thinking, “Crap! I need so much but don’t want to spend a fortune!” then don’t fret. I recommend picking your top 3 drinks that you serve most often – ie. white wine, martini, and champagne, and then making sure you have a minimum of 6-8 of each. Not sure if you should get 6 or 8 {or in my case, I get 12!}? Think about two things: 1. How many people can sit at your dining table? Whatever number that is should be the minimum number you should have in glasses so when you throw your dinner parties you have one complete set for guests. 2. How many people do you usually have over at a time? If you usually have 10 girlfriends over for wine before going out, then screw the other glasses and just splurge on one set of 12 wine glasses!

Coconut and Muddled Strawberry Cocktails //

Now comes the fun part, SHOPPING! I pretended I was re-living my registry and went on to pick out everything I would choose if I could register today {beyond fun!}. Below I put together a list of a full bar collection that an ideal hostess would have on hand for an array of serving endeavors {and my picks if I could have everything I ever dreamed of!}.

A complete Glassware Collection:

Also shop and enjoy my picks below.

Wine & Cocktail Glasses:


Ice Buckets & Accessories:

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  1. How about a tutorial on mixing and matching glassware? I noticed that not all of your glasses (wine glasses, water glasses, champagne, etc.) are not the same pattern – how do you set the table so it doesn’t look too disjointed?

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