The Perfect Summer Wine & Cheese Night

It’s summertime and there’s nothing I love hosting more than a wine and cheese night with friends. On the menu…a mouthwatering cheese selection and a few summer-friendly wines at amazing prices, all from Walmart. Not aware of Winemakers Selection, new at Walmart? Walmart is now carrying a selection of high quality authentic wines from some of the best wine regions, from Rosé, to Sparkling Wine, to classic Cabernets (and each of my favorites featured here are under $15!). 

I am excited to share what I picked today and also the cheese platter I whipped up (actually everything in these photos from the cheese board to the glasses to the knives are Walmart!).

So a little bit about why I chose these and what I like about them…

First and foremost I love to serve Rosé wine in the summer time. It looks and feels refreshing on a hot summer night and the crispness pairs perfectly with cheese. My Hostess tip is to only buy Rosé that is light and pink in color. Anything too dark ends up tasting too heavy (or like a watered down red, in my opinion!). Also, I always look where the Rosé is from, and highly recommend you stick to France. The Grenache Rosé I chose, which is the smaller bottle in the center with the blue label is the perfect color I strive for. This Rosé comes from France, from a small village close to the Mediterranean coast, and at $10.96, it’s hard to beat in price.

I also switch from classic bubbly to Sparkling Rosé in the summer. Again, the one I chose is pale pink in color and produced in France, and I have to say I think the bottle looks so elegant! At $12.96 I don’t have to feel guilty about pouring a welcome champagne drink for guests before heading into dinner with wine! Then for the red drinker (or for those who want to switch to a wine that matches better with a hearty dinner), I chose this Cabernet Sauvignon (at $11.96). Known for it’s distinctive flavors of blackberries, cherries and plums, this cabernet is made in California; I recommend serving with rich cheeses or meats!

Now on to the cheese platter…

Before I get started I have to admit that I quickly I fell in love with this Walmart brand Thyme & Table… they had the best items, from this Herringbone Bamboo Cutting Board to these marble knifes! I think the pattern on this board really makes the display pop!

On to the cheeses… I chose a block of Manchego (which is a nice Spanish cheese that is relatively mild and popular), Brie (another super popular one!), Mozzarella balls (which I served in a bowl with toothpicks!), and sliced cheddar squares. I always like to choose a few different forms of “breads” to accompany my cheeses, so here I chose water crackers, bread sticks, and sliced french bread. Lastly I did prosciutto slices. Because I was going for Summer vibes I used mint and limes as garnish which gave the platter a fresh citrus smell, plus I love the pop of green! I must say guests could not wait to dig in!

I am so looking forward to many of these nights spent with friends, and with such great prices on all my wines I may end up inviting a few extra people! It’s going to be a fun summer!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.