Summer Time Fruit & Cheese Board

Summer Time Fruit & Cheese Board

I whipped up this cheese board at a recent event and it SUCH A HIT on my instagram that I wanted to share all the details on the blog!! Find below a grocery list of everything I used to assemble the board and some helpful tips so you can re-create at home.

I will say before I get to the details, that while the board looks bountiful and fancy, I assure you that it’s INCREDIBLY easy to make at home. It’s all about layering and layering and layering (and being sure to have enough ingredients to work with!). So let’s get started…

Cheese Board Shopping List:

  • 3 cheeses: Round Brie, 1 Manchego, 1 other – Havarti, Provolone, Gouda
  • 1 Large bag of grapes
  • Meats: 1 Full Salamai and 1 package of pre-sliced Proscuitto
  • 3 types of crackers: 1 box of Carrs Water Crackers, 1 pack of bread sticks, 1 pack of something healthy / organic.
  • 1 Jar of green olives & Small bowl for displaying
  • 1 carton of strawberries
  • 1 carton of Raspberries
  • 2 packs of Rosemary for garnish
  • Honey & Small bowl for displaying with Honey Comb Stick

Cheese Board Assembling Tips:

  • Always start your board by placing your cheeses first. I placed mine in three separate corners of the board.
  • I always like to slice a triangle into my brie to make it more inviting. No one likes to make the first move, so now hopefully guests will be less intimidated and dig right in. Same with the gouda… I always have a few pieces pre-sliced and cheese knife alongside it.
  • A big bunch of Grapes are the perfect addition if you want that “overflowing” look that’s so trendy right now. (Anything that occupies a lot of real estate on the board is a plus!).
  • Slice your salami into nice size pieces for guests to pick up with their hands. As a rule of thumb, anything that is tough to cut should be sliced ahead of time!!
  • Always put nuts in a bowl so people with allergies can enjoy the board.
  • A little bowl of honey with a honey wand is my signature move for making me board look “professional”. I like to drizzle a little honey over the brie right before serving!
  • Here is a link to the cheese board I used.

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