Spider Web Tablerunner DIY

A Must-Try Spooky DIY

Since many of you are staying home for Halloween, I wanted to share this really fun and easy SPIDER WEB table runner DIY. Simply buy a bag of “stretchy spider web” and stretch across your dining table!! (You can get creative twisting it, and don’t be afraid to get the kids involved – the more pulling and twisting, the more fun the texture!!). Then I used a strong packaging table under my dining table to secure the webs at the heads of the table (see how I tucked it in the final photo) – it’s important to secure under the table so you don’t damage your table!! Then set lots of pumpkins, candles and spiders on top – and voila, no fancy tablecloths required! 

For more sources and details on this table, head to this post!

Photography Yesi of Simply Lively

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