S’mores Bar

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Looking for a fun dessert idea for New Years? Look no further than this delicious S’mores bar!! All you need are calligraphy labels and pretty dishes to create the display, then leave the assembling to guests!

For my display I once again used the talented calligrapher, Amy May Paper {who also made the labels for my mashed potato bar}, to create beautiful labels. Then I used rectangular clear glass bowls by Simon Pearce {in medium} for the essentials, graham crackers, hersheys chocolate, and marshmallows. Alongside my S’mores I placed my Ninja Coffee Bar to make hot lattes! Oh, and for plates, I recommend something with silver, gold, and shimmer, so I recommended some cute ones to shop below!

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smores-bar-by-fashionable-hostess5 smores-bar-by-fashionable-hostess6 smores-bar-by-fashionable-hostess7 smores-bar-by-fashionable-hostess8 smores-bar-by-fashionable-hostess9

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Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively