Best At-Home Espresso Machine

 Kenmore Espresso Maker // Fashionable Hostess In the heart of the winter time I most look forward to the weekend mornings cozied up on the couch with my husband and daughter. We wear our long pajamas, thick socks, fluffy slippers, and snuggle close with a soft cashmere blanket. Reese usually takes this time to show off her newest tricks… sounds she can now make, things she can point to, and of course the occasional squiggle out from the blanket to show off her speed crawl or attempts at standing.  The thought of getting bundled up in “real clothes” (especially with the amount of layers I would need to put on Baby Reese!) to make a Starbucks run sounds daunting, so I much prefer to make a warm coffee drink at home.

Making EspressoEspresso Part IIPress the Espresso

The espresso maker I got from Sears {the Kenmore Espresso Maker with 15-bar high pressure espresso pump} is perfect for these kinds of days. To make it just to my liking, I make sure to brew up my favorite espresso – Starbucks Espresso Roast. For lattes or mistos, I love steaming up soy milk (Silk Light Vanilla to be exact) because it is just sweet enough that I don’t have to add any Splenda. This espresso maker has a steam frother built in so you can whip up a latte, mocha, or cappuccino!

 Kenmore Espresso Maker // by the Fashionable HostessEspresso by Kenmore Espresso Maker // Fashionable Hostess

This espresso maker has come in incredibly handy when I host dinner parties as well. I love to serve mini decaf espresso shots to my guests at the end of the meal, so this machine is great because I can brew up two at a time. I have beautiful espresso cups and saucers that I received for my wedding from a company called Yedi Houseware, so I love to serve them on a gorgeous tray like my L’Objet Fortuny Tray with a simple flower (like my single rose in my West Elm vase).

L'Objet Fortuny Tray // FashionableHostess.comYedi Houseware espresso traysPink Espresso cups and saucersEspresso on the L'Objet TrayEspresso at Home via Fashionable Hostess