Rosé wine cocktail for Him

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I love to serve Rosé for guests, but last weekend when I pulled out yet another bottle, my husband looked at me and goes “but what are the guys going to drink?” It got my wheels turning that it was high time I create a ‘guys’ cocktail that felt Spring-y, tasted manly, but still incorporated that fun Rosé vibe! I ended up crafting a Gin and Rosé combo that proved to be incredibly refreshing and something my husband could get excited about {even if it is a bit pink!}. Cheers to this Spring time cocktail solution!

Gin and Rosé Spring Cocktail

Ingredients {serves one}:

  • 1-2 lemon wedges
  • Ice
  • 6oz rosé wine
  • 1½ oz gin
  • ½ oz simple syrup, to taste

Directions: Squeeze and muddle lemon wedges at the bottom of a crystal cut lowball glass. Add in the ice, rosé, gin and simple syrup, then stir well. Add extra lemon wedge for garnish and serve cold!

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Photography by Lindsey Grace Photography

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