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The kids are officially back-to-school which means pick-ups, drop-offs, and after school activities have arrived! While short on time I decided I would try out Hello Fresh {a food delivery service} so I could at least cross the grocery store off my todo list! As I perused the different options for meals I wondered if there was a discount online somewhere for new customers. My friend recently told me about a site {and app} where she goes for coupons and deals before shopping, so I checked it out, and what did I find? An AMAZING deal for new Hello Fresh customers, 3 Free Meals. Seriously?! I was so excited to add the code to my promotion box!!

So then I started exploring the other brands {there are over 50,000 stores!!}. From Old Navy which you know I love for Reese {and of course she needs more back-to-school clothes}, to Neiman Marcus where I shop way too often for home decor items, to Target where I just shop regularly whether I need something or not. Also you can browse the “product deals” where you will find fun things like Raybans for $79 or $100 off an Ipad Mini! And a cool thing about the app is if you program in where you live and pick your favorite stores, a notification will pop up when you are ‘close by’ to let you know what promotions are going on!! Be sure to stop by RetailMeNot to easily save money when shopping online, I am having a bit too much fun taking advantage!

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