Peppermint Rimmed Latte DIY and Festive Hot Chocolate


When it comes time for Christmas dessert, there’s nothing better than a hot coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate to end the meal. So this Holiday season I thought I would surprise guests and serve up these after-dinner-drinks with a little something special. I love how festive garnishing can make all the difference. So for today’s post I wanted to share how I created two holiday drinks – first a peppermint rimmed latte and second, a marshmallow topped hot chocolate! Read on for how I made mine in a few easy steps.

How to make these Peppermint rimmed glasses:

My biggest tip – do these far enough in advance so they have ample time to dry!! If you give it a few hours, the candy canes will stay in place and won’t come clumping off into your drink… but rather just give it that hint of mint as you sip!

  1. Pick glass coffee mugs for an elegant look
  2. Dip your mug rim into a shallow plate of honey
  3. Immediately after, dip your mug into a shallow plate of crushed peppermint. Place aside to harden before serving!
  4. Whip up your coffee concoction
  5. Add in festive toppings like mini candy canes. Serve!

Here I chose to focus on my coffee mugs, but really you can go crazy with this DIY. Do glasses, bowls, the edges of cookies, it’s easy and looks beyond cute!


For the Hot Chocolate, there isn’t so much to tell because you can really doctor them up any which way you want… my only advice is go overboard!! I made Hot Chocolate in my Keurig with Swiss Miss, and then set out an array of toppings, as well as a few pre-made Hot Chocolates overloaded with marshmallows and Pirouline sticks! I will tell you, the kids will love this station!


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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively