Overflowing Dessert Board

Sweetest Dessert Tray

As you saw in my recent post in collaboration with the launch of the new BH90210, I whipped up the most delicious dessert board for a night of TV in bed. I mean who doesn’t want popcorn and candy in bed to watch their favorite TV show?! But in all seriousness while this may have been a bit over-exaggerated for just moi, how much fun is this board for a fabulous girls movie night?! Or even just a change up to your usual dessert spread!! Here are a few close ups of what I included!!

On my board: popcorn which I “dressed up” by sprinkling with pastel sprinkles, store bought frosted cookies (again keeping in the pastel family), marshmallows, sugar wafer cookies which I topped with little Sugarfina gummies, and bowls of vanilla coated animal crackers and jordan almonds. The key is to take a LARGE board and really make it look overflowing, so really pile those treats on there!!

Now who is ready for a sweet night!!

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