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When designing my dream kitchen for our new home, I wanted everything to be white, white, white {I even did a post on all-white kitchen inspiration!}. While I haven’t done a full reveal of the finished product on my blog yet {and yes, it’s perfectly white!}, I have shared some snippets on my Instagram here, here, and here. To match the all-white aesthetic, I had a bit too much fun updating my kitchen essentials to match back, like a new Cutco knife block set with stunning white knives, even a white toaster {yes I am starting to sound scrazy}, and then low and behold, my favorite espresso maker by Nespresso just came out with a white option as well, seriously hitting the jackpot!!

A little back story… I used to be a strictly Starbucks girl in NYC but since moving to Nashville it is impossible to get there in the morning with the kids {drive there, park, get the kids out, and make it to school on-time by 8:30… not happening}. So I quickly made the switch to brewing coffee and espresso at home on a daily basis which meant keeping my coffee maker out for daily use. So the Pixie Clips in white was a must!

Nespresso Pixie Clips in White on Fashionable Hostess4

So let’s talk about this new Nespresso product, the Pixie Clips. This customizable Pixie machine allows you to easily change the clip-on side panels according to your tastes. Pixie Clips features the same technology {ie. coffee and espresso} as the original Pixie. Other color clips include red, orange, jean {blue}, and even neon yellow. And literally you can snap these panels on and off for a quick change each season. Clip on your team color for tailgating time or red would be too cute for the Holidays, and for you neat freaks like me, white year round? Yes please!

Nespresso also just launched two new Original Line Limited Edition Grands Crus – Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo. As you might already know, Nespresso creates eagerly anticipated Limited Edition coffees to continually surprise coffee lovers around the world! Head to your local Nespresso Boutiques to taste-test these two Limited Editions and see the Pixie Clips machine in action!

Rise & Shine people!

Fashionable Hostess and Nespresso Partnership

Nespresso Pixie Clips in White in Fashionable Hostess Kitchen2

Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this post.