Take your Happy Hour from good to great

Heart shaped cheese and rose cocktail Hour4Heart shaped cheese and rose cocktail Hour 2

It’s 5:o0 clock somewhere, right? One of my favorite things to host is Happy Hour for friends. So what takes my presentation from good to great? There are a few things I am loving right now that make my arrangement insta-worthy….

Heart shaped cheese and rose cocktail Hour

1. Put aside your everyday wine glasses and opt for ones that are a bit more unique. While simple glasses are an easy go-to, I love ones with little details or designs. These Juliska Amalia wine glasses are my favorite for white wine and rosé. Pretty much any time I entertain with them people ask where I got them!

2. Choose linen cocktail napkins over paper. This was a recent switch and I am obsessed because I can’t get over how much more chic the whole presentation looks. I actually just ordered ones with our initial embroidered {here} but I am also in love these classic ones by Kim Seybert.

Heart shaped cheese and rose cocktail Hour5

3. Upgrade your cheese knife selection so they match to the appropriate cheeses. I always knew that when you assembled a cheese board the proper thing todo was to place a separate knife for each cheese, but I was never 100% sure which shape went with which cheese type. I found a great visual guide on Mnn.com {here} for those of you who want some clarification as well. For today’s semi hard heart-shaped brie {which I got at Trader Joe’s!!}, I chose a Michael Aram pointed cheese knife meant for semi-hard or semi-soft cheeses {great for cutting and spreading}.

4. Trade in your usual cheese plate for a cheese board. For me this was 1. about adding in a new texture and 2. about keeping the overall feel casual {since my glasses and napkins are a tad fancy}… after all 5:00 is early! There are so many different options for cheese boards I am loving right now. I love this vintage one from Pottery Barn, then this one from One Kings Lane is a great deal because it comes with the necessary cheese knives, and then this one by Oscar de la Renta is incredibly elegant {and shockingly well-priced}.

Heart shaped cheese and rose cocktail Hour 3

Lastly, I chose a simple succulent rather than elaborate flowers to compliment this look. Shop my style and my recommendations below. Cheers!