Host Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is this Sunday so I wanted to create a beautiful {yet totally do-able} tablescape for those of you hosting. Because let’s be serious… for you moms, it’s your day, so there’s no need to be hustling to create an over-the-top table! I definitely don’t have time for that! And for you sweet ones hosting mom, good for you!! Major brownie points!!

By sharing today’s table I hope to inspire a few easy take-aways that will make your celebration beautiful and special, all the while, leaving guests impressed! Starting with these adorable little white buckets that I placed at each person’s seat. Originally I thought I would fill them with real flowers – which is an amazing idea and would be a super cute take-home gift, but since I wanted to set the table early in the week, I decided to go with faux flowers. The ones I chose here are actually floral napkin rings {similar or these are also gorgeous}, but I also recommend small faux arrangements {see a few herehere, and here – which you will probably need to trim to stay in the bucket properly}. Even faux flowers are a cute take home gift!

Then make sure to add a little something special to mom’s bucket. You can print out something online that says #1 Mom, you can cut out a greeting card, or even buy an oversized sticker or pin.

Then I am in love with assorted cake stands filled with tasty desserts as your table’s centerpiece!! Just make sure to display a mix of beautiful treats on your stands. {You can even assign each guest one dessert if people are asking what they can bring!}. I recommend choosing cake stands of varying heights so you can see all of the desserts, although they don’t have to be matching in color or style! I mixed and matched, whites and pinks, so don’t stress out about having 5 of the same one! {Shop some favorites at the bottom of this post!}.

As for my treats, I kept with the vanilla family and served a frosted bundt cake, heart-shaped shortbread cookie sandwiches, wafer cookies {which I stacked – and by the way, “stacking desserts” is a big trend right now – see what you can do with oreos from this photo!}; and then I made home-made “flower pot cupcakes” a great DIY to spend the afternoon of Mother’s Day doing with the kids. I will share this DIY on the blog this week.

The finishing touch are these faux crystals which I sprinkled around the perimeter.

I hope this tablescape inspires you to spoil the moms around you just a bit more this weekend!!

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Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively Photography