6 Holiday Table Setting Ideas

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With the holidays around the bend, I have had many readers reach out to me for advice with holiday decorations – ranging from my picks for the perfect holiday centerpieces, to simple table accent ideas that will make their party special. I began brainstorming myself and thought, what better way to get inspired than to go back through my some of my favorite Fashionable Hostess Tables {see a full list here} and see what sparked my eye. So here is what I found…

1. {See image above!} Rather than getting crazy with extravagant centerpieces, sometimes a few calla lilies put in a glass vases {laid horizontally so you can see the stems} like I did in this post can be stunning and elegant.

Juliska Amalia Flutes

2. The holidays are an opportunity to debut your most special pieces, so take out your wedding china or registry glassware {like these Juliska Amalia Flutes from this post} and finally — USE them at your table.

Print a menu

3. Create a printed menu card and place one at each person’s seat like I did in this post. I love hearing guest “oooh and ahhh” when they sit down and read it over!

Have a bread basket

4. Create a gorgeous bread basket {or in this case ‘bowl’} for guests to enjoy right when they sit. Be sure to include Olive Oil for dipping and bread plates at each setting with a small bread knife like I did in this post.

Use cloth napkins

5. Even though it requires a more tedious clean up, I always prefer cloth napkins over paper napkins for the Holidays. I love these Greek Key Napkins by Kim Seybert that were featured in this post.

Place Rosemary at each seat

6. Make use of left-over cooking herbs by using them as decor on your table like I did in this post {or around the house like I did in this post.} Placing Rosemary at each person’s seat smells so fresh and adds a beautiful pop of green to the table!

Best of luck readers and keep the questions coming!!

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