Guava Mimosas

For Valentine's Day

Guava Mimosas

When brainstorming for the perfect Valentine’s Day drink I had a couple thoughts. One: I wanted something that could be served day or night (alongside breakfast in bed or as a happy hour toast). And two: I wanted something that was pinkish in color.

Once I settled on the idea of a mimosa, I tested some strawberry banana juice blends, and while delicious, they looked rather brown in color. Everyone’s go-to juice is grapefruit but I wanted something outside the box. I then spotted a box (yes, it’s in a box!) of Guava juice and VOILA I was sold. So yummy and refreshing, tangy, tastes like Spring, the perfect color. Check, check, check!!

Served in elegant champagne flutes on an Olivia & Oliver platter alongside an ice bucket of extra champagne, the drink looks ultra chic! Oh, and while I didn’t have time to make floral ice cubes as I had intended for the ice bucket, I love the way a few delicate spray roses look floating among the freezer cubes! Score!

The recipe is easy. Pour 1/3 guava juice and top with Proseco or Champagne! For a sweeter cocktail, add more juice. For a virgin spritzer (for a baby shower perhaps!) mix guava juice and club soda.

I will be sharing a full Valentine’s Breakfast Buffet in my next post so stay tuned, and in the mean time check out my full Valentine’s Day section here. Cheers!!

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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively