Guacamole & Greens Appetizer Board

Give me the Greens!!

Whenever I have a friend over for dinner, I like to have a little something out for us to snack on while we catch up over a glass of wine. And while I love making over-the-top cheese boards for any occasion, since I am hosting only a friend or two these days, it’s a bit much to whip up a decadent board for just two people, plus it can be super heavy before a dinner. So today I wanted to share a lighter and guilt-free starter course… My guacamole + greens appetizer platter which has green grapes, snap peas, broccoli, guacamole for dipping, multigrain flax crackers, and sliced sharp cheddar. To accompany the spread, I served my favorite Sauvignon Blanc as of late called Cloudy Bay, in beautiful Juliska glasses. Cheers to the perfect simple start to any evening!!

Photography by Fashionable Hostess

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