Galentine’s Bar Cart

with Lily's Sweets

Cheers to Galentine’s Day!

Welcome girlfriends to your Galentine’s Day Party with this adorable bar cart complete with a homemade chocolate cake, bubbly, and endless PINK decorations!!

The inspiration for this bar cart came from with a collaboration with Lily’s Sweets and the task of whipping up a delicious dessert using their Dark Chocolate Baking Bars. I found the recipe for a Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Buttercream on their website {here} and got to work. Once the cake was done, I decided to decorate it with flowers for the ultimate girly treat. And then what better way to display it than a gorgeous bar cart?! And thus, this pretty party came to life!!

Decor Details

I hung heart balloons all over the back wall of my family room as the backdrop for my party. Then to dress up my bar cart, I strung a garland of faux flowers down one side (and then added real flowers to at the end!). Here is the link for the faux garland I used. Next I displayed my Chocolate ButterCream Cake on a pretty pink cake stand alongside my favorite pink champagne coupes. And cheers – we are ready to party!!

Why I love Lily’s Sweets? There is no sugar added, it is Botanically sweetened with Stevia, it is Fair Trade Certified, and it’s made with Non-GMO Ingredients. I love that me and my family can enjoy chocolate without all that added sugar!! Be sure to check out the website because they have endless chocolates to choose from – from chocolate covered nuts to peanut butter cups!!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Lily’s Sweets for sponsoring this post.

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