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I am usually drawn to classic pretty flower arrangements for my tables. For example, take this postย with a simple bunch of pink carnations or this post where I created a perfectly coiffed holiday arrangement. So when I saw dried wildflowers while browsing through the flower market, I wasn’t sure I could pull off the whole ‘wild’ look both from my style perspective {meshing with my modern home} to actually ‘arranging’ them!

So what was the allure to a classic girl? The vendor sold me when he said they would last several weeks and sans watering {perfect for my busy travel schedule!}. And it gets better… I realized when I got home and tossed them into a mason jar, that besides needing no attention/maintenance, they were also idiot-proof when it came to arranging. Wildflowers are meant to look “wild” so the messier the better! And rather than conflicting with my apartment, they brought a nice harvest feeling {perfect for some of my upcoming entertaining!}. So if you are looking for a stress-free arrangement that needs to last through several weeks of dinner parties, these are a fab option!

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