Thanksgiving Garland & Candle Centerpiece


This year’s Thanksgiving Table decor is one of my favorites. Seasonal, traditional, and incredibly versatile; this look could work for a Fall or Holiday Dinner Party, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. I also love that using faux garlands rather than fresh flowers adds the perk of longevity… yep, I am planning to keep this set for weeks! I am excited to share how I created this beautiful display below.


I started by placing a tablecloth on my table {this one is the Baressa Tablecloth by Sferra}. Next up I placed various height candles down the center of the table {mine are Pillar Candles from Pottery Barn, three large, three medium, and eight small}. I actually mixed and matched some off-white and white candles because they blend when adding in the rest, so don’t feel the need to be matchy matchy, use what you have at home! Next I interspersed white pumpkins throughout, some of which were minis from Trader Joes and others were faux from Target or Homegoods. I placed the bigger more towards the center, the smaller around the perimeter.

I found beautiful calligraphy candles that read “Blessed” and “Choose Joy” at PCB Home {so gorgeous, right!!}, so I placed them at the front of my table, so guests would see them right when entering the room. Then I laid two faux garlands on either side of the display, connecting them with a wire at the ends to hold in place, slightly bending and shaping. Lastly, I sprinkled in pinecones to any of the missing gaps where you could see white tablecloth. After the runner was adjusted, I added plates, glasses, etc. *One Tip: Take a seat in each chair and take in your view… make sure you see a mixture of candle, pinecones, and garland from each seat and that the largest candles which are hard to see through, are placed in between settings!


Some easy swaps to make this Holiday themed would be to choose candles in silver or gold, and to sprinkle ornaments throughout the garlands! I will be sharing the remainder of this Thanksgiving spread on the blog soon. Shop everything you need to bring this to life below!

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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

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