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World Market Lanterns on fashionablehotsessDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess

While planning for my first outdoor party on our new patio, I wanted to go with a unique centerpiece to compliment the rustic chic vibe of the space, so when I came across an amazing assortment of succulents at my local Nashville flower shop {Import Flowers}, I knew I had found the perfect match. The outcome: a crate overflowing with moss and a variety of gorgeous succulents, a utopian earthy statement piece for an outdoor tabletop.

To bring this project to life, I found a wooden crate from World Market which was long and narrow {9″ x 20″}.  I needed green oasis foam to add volume to the box in order for the succulents to be visible, so I bought enough blocks to fill the bottom of the crate. I recommend buying a few extra to make sure you have an exact fit; I had to cut some of the extras to completely fill the space.

Wold Market Wooden crateBox filled with oasis foam

I had seen photos of succulents sitting on a bed of moss and I loved the added texture and greenery, so I bought a box of moss to layer. I laid the moss on top of the green oasis foam, making sure to push down and shape the moss so it was relatively smooth. Moss is completely moldable so you can squish and shape it in any which way! I then broke off smaller pieces of moss to fill in the ‘bald spots’ because I didn’t want any of the foam below to show.

Live mossDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Step 1DIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Step 2 - fill with mossDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Step 2

The last step was to simply placing a variety of succulents on top. I especially like one in each corner but then for the rest you can just stagger throughout. I tried to vary the colors and sizes of the succulents I bought so they didn’t look matchy.

DIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Step 3 Place succulentsDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Step 3 - succulentsDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - closeup view of red succulentDIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Placing your succulentsHow to create a Succulent Box on Fashionable HostessUsing succulents on your tabletop

When complete I placed the finished product right in the center of my table on top of a natural colored table runner {similar}. On either side I placed a World Market Lantern as well as a floral arrangement of white Dahlias, Eucalyptus and Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ {the green puffs!}.

The succulent box was not only great for adding some greenery and texture, but succulents were the perfect choice because they are so low maintenance and last forever! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s tablescape with the whole table!!

DIY Succulent Box on Fashionable Hostess - Missions Accomplished!

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  1. This is beautiful! I don’t have a green thumb by any means, but I love plants which are easy to keep and can be arranged like this, love them in the box 🙂

  2. I just adore succulents and have tried my hand at several arrangements…somehow they always end up dying! Love the look though.

    Want to see more of your new house please! 🙂

  3. It looks nice, please let me know advice what veggies or fruit or herbs can I grow in a garden box we have new studio it’s Very cold outdoors,now in New England. so something strong. I will have to start growing in doors, I’ve heard strawberry are.easy to grow in hanging plant , cherry tomatoes

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