Dinner Party Spotlight: MollyMy

While bloggers have become a rather common commodity, online magazine editors are few and far between. So today I want to introduce to you Molly, the founder of MollyMy.com but more importantly, the Editor-in-Chief and Creator of ‘My Magazine’. Molly and I both love the art of entertaining and in Molly’s quarterly online magazines she shares a whole range of inspiration for entertaining each season. From parties, to recipes, to DIYs, she covers a little bit of everything with each publication. Today Molly invited us into her beautiful vintage-inspired home for a coffee table display of delicious snacks and sweets. Read on for more about today’s Dinner Party series guest and how she came to start her business!

FH: Tell me a quick bio of how you came to start MollyMy.

Molly: When I was 13 years old, I pitched an idea to Disney channel about a digital lifestyle series for females in their early teens, and that’s where my story started.  I was very interested in lifestyle content and overall well-being at a really young age, and found that there wasn’t much of a support system for young  ladies  going through life’s ups and downs — from knowing how to apply makeup, to battling a healthy self image . Anyway, my idea at the time was a little premature, and didn’t make it past the big guys over at Disney, but the idea continued to hold a spot in my heart.  In college, I studied journalism, and after graduation, I moved to New York City and worked in fashion marketing and then, as PR manager for Cynthia Rowley. That’s not all…! Shorty thereafter, I moved to San Francisco for a job in advertising. About a year into advertising, I founded My Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle publication aimed towards females in their 20s/30s. Much like my idea when I was 13 years old, My Magazine is centered around supporting and inspiring others. Once the magazine built some traction, I left my job in advertising, and moved to Los Angeles (where I was producing the magazine), so I could work on My Magazine full-time. Needless to say, I’ve had a number of experiences, which all were opportunities  to learn something new, and which helped lead me to where I am now.

I have many readers in college or in the beginnings of their careers, so a common question I receive is: “what advice do you have on selecting a major, internship, or career path?” I always tell them: “do what makes you happy right now, follow your gut, and your path will create itself.” The road doesn’t have to be completely clear right away. It sure wasn’t for me, but trust that in time, you’ll be exactly where you should be!

FH: How would you describe your blog or company? Why do people come and visit your site?

Molly: My Magazine is a hub for highly curated lifestyle content delivered to our readers each quarter/season. Readers look to My Magazine for all things entertaining, DIYs and recipes, health and wellness tips, beauty, style and much, much more — including of course, beautiful imagery! There are so many incredible experts, brands and products out there that having content curated for a consumer each quarter  is really helpful. My Magazine has allowed me to not only share my passions, but to share  those of others as well. When you’re creating content,  it’s important to remember you don’t have to know it all. From the photographers, to the contributors that share their professional expertise, each person brings something special to the table  — and the true reason I created My Magazine was to bring passionate people together and give readers beautifully compelling and informative content to enjoy through the process.

FH: What is your entertaining style? Traditional, Contemporary, Seasonal?

Molly: My entertaining style is seasonal, but also very eclectic. I’m not the type to have a very “cookie cutter” gathering (thanks to my mom, she always inspired me think outside the norm, while still making guest feel at home!). It’s really easy to go into a store that looks gorgeous and buy everything you see and recreate the look at home, but is that really you? Probably not. I gather goods from all over, and buy items I know will get a lot of use. Example: metallics are a great neutral that can be used for a number of occasions. If you buy napkins for the holidays, buy plain red, so you can reuse them for the 4th of July come summertime (this also saves money, and space!). I usually stay away from anything too “holiday-ish” and instead use natural elements (florals, fruits, etc.) as my seasonal items.

FH: How often do you entertain and for how many guests?

Molly: Thanks to My Magazine, I entertain quite a lot, which is really nice! I gather a handful of friends for many of our shoots (and some of my best friends photograph for the magazine — it definitely doesn’t feel like work when you get to spend an afternoon with friends!). Work aside, I always manage to entertain a few times a season — whether it’s having couples over for drinks after a dinner out, or whipping up my famous guacamole!

FH: Do you have a go-to recipe or dish or cocktail {or do you avoid cooking at all costs}? Can you share a link to this or even quick steps for readers at home!

Molly: I really enjoy cooking — my family is Italian and Irish, so food and drink are the center of a good gathering. I like to serve anything fresh and use simple ingredients. A few things you might expect — a lush cheese board with yummy bread, crackers, nuts, dried fruit and honey, a colorful, seasonal salad, a meat or fish dish with fresh herbs and sea salt, and a sweet made with alternative ingredients, like almond flour and coconut sugar. I’m a foodie for sure! Lemon water is always nearby, and something sparkling. You can find delicious, fall-festive, recipes inside the fall issue of My Magazine!

FH: Did something inspire you for today’s table? A certain color, flower, plate?

Molly: My readers inspired today’s setting! I wanted to take advantage of my livingroom and share a really easy way to entertain. No matter what the budgets is, where you live, or what kind of space you have, chances are everyone has a coffee table, or a similar alternative that can be used to create a petite setup. I think it’s so important for people to know that entertaining is for everyone — it doesn’t need to be complicated, and surely not perfect.

FH: What’s your favorite element in today’s tablescape? Can you share with readers tips for re-creating at home!

My favorite element are these simple napkin rings I made with twine and eucalyptus. They scream fall to me! I first started with just the twine around the napkins, then realized they needed a little something more, so I added the eucalyptus. The tutorial is as simple as it looks: cut about a foot of twine and wrap it around the middle of a folded napkin. Secure with a double knot at the top, and cut any extra twine from the ends. Lastly, gather greenery of your choice and tuck in-between the twine and the napkin. Ta-da!

FH: If you could give one party tip for readers what would it be?

Molly: Enjoy yourself (and prep the day before, if possible)! You can get so caught up in wanting things to be perfect for guests, that it’s easy to forget about having fun yourself while hosting — sit back, sip a cocktail, and enjoy the company. If you can prep a bit before the festivities, this will help you relax! Lastly,  If you’re a guest, always, always send a thank you card to the host after the party (even the smallest of gathering s !). I t makes me so happy when I get a card from someone saying thanks. We all know a lot goes into get together s, so a thank you   is a nice gesture (and takes seconds to write)!

Need an invite, or thank you card? Together with Greenvelope, I’ve designed a collection of online invitations and thank yous. You can check them out here — use code MollyMy for a discount on your purchase now, until Dec. 1.

FH: Table top… Share all the deets!!

Home location: Hancock Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Get Molly’s look:

Photography by  Simply Adri Photography