Dining Al Fresco with Tips from Endlessly Elated

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For today’s post I teamed up with the Lifestyle Blogger behind Endlessly Elated, Kathleen, to bring you a simply elegant table that’s ideal for a cool summer night out on the porch. Read on for four easy tips {and deets on her tabletop} that will have you quickly trading in your paper plates and SOLO cups for one of the prettiest picnics you throw at home this summer.

Tip #1 Choose floral plates to instantly dress up your table. Here Kathleen chose gorgeous hand-painted bloom plates from Anthropologie. With statement plates you can go simple with your glasses and napkins {yes, even paper napkins!} yet still have an elegant summery feel!

Tip #2 Serve refreshing summer drinks like Pellegrino or home-made Lemonade in pretty wine glasses. Kathleen chose gold-rimmed wine glasses from Anthropologie {and you may remember I have the coupe style and am obsessed!}. And don’t forget a cute ice bucket to house your extra ice!


Tip #3 Choose seasonal fruits for dessert and serve in a fancy colander. Here Kathleen chose fresh strawberries which compliments the red in her plates but watermelon is always a crowd pleaser as well. Place your fruit out on the table as an added centerpiece alongside your flowers to give your table more color, and consider a few different fruits in multiple colors {pineapple, blueberries, oranges} if you have a large table.

Tip #4 Create a Menu or Menucards. Kathleen made hers a la DIY using photo shop and printed them on hard stock paper that she bought at Michaels! Choosing the right fonts and complimentary colors to your plates really does wonders. If you aren’t quite as crafty or have more time to plan, Minted makes fab customs ones!


Thanks so much Kathleen for partnering on this post. Follow her blog at EndlesslyElated.com for a mix of hostess tips and fashion forward outfits!