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Promotion? Birthday? Pregnancy Announcement? There are so many reasons to throw a celebratory dinner, and what better way todo it than with a table that really sparkles. The key to execution? Changing it up, gold accent dishware, and lots of candles. I headed to my mom’s house to get started…


Changing it up: I decided to change things up by placing my napkin in a stylish new way. I took a printed floral napkin and folded in thirds. After placing my placemats and silver chargers on the table, I laid the napkin down the center of the charger with 1/3 of the napkin hanging off the side of the table towards the chair. I then lightly tucked the top of the napkin under neath the top of the charger and placed my dinner plate and salad plate on top.

Paisley Napkins - Create a Table that Sparkles // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin Step 2 // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin Step 3 // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin Step 5 // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin Step 6 // How to Fold your Dinner Napkin Step 7 // Place Setting //

Gold accent dishware: Rather than using matchy matchy plates and salad plates, I mixed and matched making sure to put a real show-stopper on top. I am in love with my mom’s Wedding ‘Bone’ China, so I used those for dinner plates {it’s a celebration, so it’s time to whip out the best stuff you’ve got!}. But for the real pop, I chose Robert Haviland Syracuse salad plates – elegant and trendy all-in-one. I then used wine and water glasses {from HomeGoods!} that had a gold detailing in them as well to tie the whole look together!

Bone China // HomeGoods Glassware //

Candlestick Centerpieces: Candles at varying heights are crucial when adding to the sparkle, so I took a variety and lined them down the middle of the table. Once the lights were dimmed and the candles lit, it really creates a romantic mood.


robert haviland fine china salad plate shimmery placemats

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