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With the leaves changing colors and the air getting brisker, it’s time to put away the Coronas and fruity cocktails in exchange for some strong-tasting and soul-warming liquor. When asking some reliable sources {by which I mean, my husband and his close friends} which they preferred, they confirmed that Whiskey and Bourbon were their go-to’s. Now it was my job to make the presentation FH worthy.

When creating a Fall Bar, I recommend you start with a dark colored, textured serving tray, like a faux croc or stingray {similar here and here}. Then I recommend selecting a variety of nice liquors and placing them on one end of the tray. I chose Whistle Pig Straight Rye WhiskeyThe Balvenie Single Barrel Whiskey aged 15 years, and Bulleit Bourbon. What are the best glasses for serving liquor? I recommend old-fashioned glasses which are short tumblers, often called a lowball or rocks glass. They hold between 6 and 8 ounces, while double old-fashioned {slightly larger} hold up to 10 or 12 ounces. When serving a drink with straight liquor on the rocks {also known as a “neat pour”}, I recommend the old-fashioned glasses and for mixed drinks I recommend double old-fashioned glasses. If you really want to impress guests, be sure to buy a “king cube” ice cube tray! One cube fits perfectly into an old-fashioned glass and melts slowly for a well-chilled drink.

Now onto the fun touches that make your bar picture-worthy. I love to arrange my favorite cocktail books alongside my glasses; they can serve as inspiration for cocktails or just as decor. Also nice for the set-up is a crystal decanter {this one is one sale for $27.99 and looks exactly like mine!}. You can actually put yours to use by pouring the liquor inside, just make sure you let guests know what it holds! To finish it off, I love my ‘Reserved’ Decoupage Glass Tray from Ben’s Garden. It’s perfect for housing ice cube tongs or the bottle tops. Cheers!

Fall Bar Liquors

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