Best of Spring Entertaining

We have been spoiled rotten with incredible weather in Miami, but many of you are just getting a taste of Spring, and I know… it can’t come soon enough! I wanted to share a look back at some of my favorite party ideas that I created last year to celebrate Spring. Get ready for a big dose of color!!

Rosé cocktail anyone?! I am always down to open a bottle of rosé but my husband isn’t the biggest fan… that is until I whipped up a cocktail which included rosé that he totally loved. No regret cracking open a fresh bottle now! Check out this FH post where I share my go-to cocktail for him.

Ok now what about a rosé cocktail for you?! Be sure to check out this delicious recipe I used with Piper-Heidieck rosé, called the Rosé Sauvage Cocktail!

My favorite flower arrangement from last spring… this may have all come from a “graduation party” post, but the party details are so on point for spring! Check it out in this FH recap!

Possibly the prettiest tea party I have ever attended, the lovely Crowns by Christy created a magical display for her FH Dinner Party series feature complete with the most beautiful hand-made flower crowns, towers of delectable sweets, and a gorgeous floral tablecloth. I am totally inviting gals over for a tea party this Spring!!

So many cheeses, how ever will you choose?! Head to this FH post where I share what’s on my Spring cheese platter, and it’s equally pretty as it is delicious!

Cake is always a good idea… but how do you make it “Spring” themed? By throwing gorgeous flowers on it of course! Last year I whipped up this floral naked cake and I am totally brining it back for Easter among other Holidays!

Filling a drink dispenser with a delicious tea or cocktail is such a great idea for a party, I don’t know why I don’t do it every time. Last Spring I filled mine with Grapefruit & Rosemary Punch and it was a hit! Check out the FH post here plus a great appetizer to match!


Watermelons and pink cocktails, this is pretty much what I envision when I think of the perfect Spring bar cart. And how cute are the sour watermelon candies on the edge of each glass {which are acrylic by the way… essential for outdoor entertaining!}. See the details in this FH post!

Hope you enjoyed the highlights!!

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