Alouette Wine & Cheese Pairings

wine&cheese pairings for Alouette Cheese by FashionableHostess.comWhether you need easy snacks around the house for out-of-town guests or are looking to prep a cheese platter for cocktail hour guests, cheese and dips are a necessary item for your fridge. So for today’s post I have partnered with Alouette Cheese, because from individual size cheese spreads which are great for snacking, to veggies and cheese dips which are perfect alongside crudité and cracker platters, Alouette has you covered. Then because no happy hour spread would do in the Chateau FH without a complimentary wine, I decided to create a roundup of cheeses with my recommended {well-priced!} wine parings! In the process of creating this I loved learning about what flavors mix well, and I think you will too! Hope you and your family and guests enjoy!

Thank you to Alouette for sponsoring this post.


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