September, 2013

Cozy Chic

September 23, 2013
Most days I spend running around like a mad-woman … cleaning the apartment and setting the table for dinner… then plopping down on to the floor to play with the baby… then out to the grocery to pick up food… then running to my computer to post a blog article while the baby naps… then off to music class {once...

Endermologie at Smooth Synergy

September 20, 2013
Calling all women suffering from cellulite or bloat… a cure has been found (and it’s not hours in the gym and days of starvation!!) Doing a double take? Nixing the fat without endless work? Sounds impossible! I was skeptical too when I was invited by the Smooth Synergy Spa in NYC to come and test out their Endermologie/ Lipomassage which...

Kale Pecorino Salad

September 19, 2013
Yesterday I found the richest, darkest, and greenest Kale at the Farmer’s Market so I couldn’t resist purchasing a bundle for tonight’s dinner. I went searching for a salad recipe that felt “Fall” appropriate and I loved the one I found on SmittenKitchen {with a few FH tweaks}. The bread crumbs {I opted for whole wheat} add a nice texture, the Pecorino cheese...
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