Thanksgiving Centerpiece

As I mentioned in my latest post (which was a video – so I hope you watched!!), Thanksgiving is not just one meal for most of us, but rather a weekend spent with family. So in addition to the main event, prepping for all the meals in between is equally as important.

Because the kitchen can be such a highly trafficked space over the long weekend, why not dress up your breakfast table for guests?! Here I created a relatively simply centerpiece that I think suits that “harvest theme” that so many of us love come this time of year.

First I created a floral centerpiece and rather than using a classic vase, placed inside a pumpkin base (I actually used this bakeware as my vase – just removed the top – talk about creativity!!), but you could even use a real pumpkin!! Next I laid my favorite faux eucalyptus garlands down the table and sprinkled in a mix of faux and real pumpkins all around.

The finishing touch was the decorative turkeys I placed on either end. And voila, you are ready for a beautiful weekend in every room!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

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