Seashell Cheese Board

celebrating National Seashell Day

Kickoff Summer with this Board

National Seashell Day also marks the first day of summer, so I partnered with The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel to celebrate!! While I know many of us can’t travel to the beach quite yet, we can still bring a bit of the beach home thanks to a fun DIY project – like this Seashell Cheeseboard. I know my kids are going to love this festive beachy display!!

Cheese Board Shopping List:

  • Rustic Wooden Cheese Board
  • Cheeses: Round Brie, Pre-Sliced Cheddar squares (which make for easy placing!), Manchego, and Gouda (two of my personal favorites). And for those of you more advanced DIY-ers, also buy a thinly sliced cheese (I did Gouda from the Deli) for cutting cheese into star and seashell shapes for an added WOW factor.
  • Genoa Salami
  • Red Grapes
  • Carrs Crackers and another Healthy Cracker Option
  • Thyme for Garnish (Love that it resembles seaweed)
  • Lots of Seashells to give it that Beachy feel.
  • Optional Recommended Decor like Lanterns and Faux Flowers to set the mood.

Creating your Board

Start by making your seashell and star cheeses (I used this cookie cutter set to make mine) and placing them around your board. Next place your large cheeses in each of the corners and your round brie in the center. Next fill in the space around the cheeses – First start with grapes, next place your crackers in rows, salami in a row, and cheddar pre-sliced squares in rows. See the photo below for a better understanding.

The fininishing touches are the garnish and the seashells which really bring the “beachy vibe” home. Place the thyme in any of the leftover empty areas and place your seashells on top. The finishing touch, a beautiful shell on top of your brie. And there you have it, a beautiful way to bring the beach to you – for now!!

Looking forward to making it to the actual beach in Fort Myers & Sanibel soon, but for now we will enjoy this little beauty treat. Cheers to summer!!

Thank you to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel for sponsoring this post.

Photography by Yesi at Simply Lively