Hanukkah Dinner

with Pottery Barn

I am so excited that Pottery Barn partnered with me to create the most beautiful Hanukkah table!!

Hanukkah is early this year, starting Sunday December 2nd, which feels like just minutes after Thanksgiving! So the Holiday preparations have begun over at our house. I am already shopping for gifts, getting out the menorahs, and picking up some new pieces for the table.

I love to create a traditional and elegant table for the Holiday, and with so many timeless pieces at Pottery Barn, it was easy to bring my vision to life! I mean, how gorgeous are their Antique Mercury Glass Pillars and their Harrison Chargers (made of stainless steel!). Mixed with a few blue accents, the table goes from Holiday to Hanukkah, wouldn’t you agree?!

I am excited to reveal what I created for the Holiday today on FH!

For Hanukkah I like to incorporate blues, silvers, and whites, so I started by placing a white tablecloth on my dining table. Down the center I lined the Antique Mecury Glass Pillars, alternating small, medium and large heights. Then I sprinkled light blue ornaments and mini mercury votives around the pillars to fill in the middle of the table with some color.

At each placesetting, I placed a Harrison Charger, a Leila Dinner and salad plate, Luna Flatware, a Schott Zwiesel cocktail coupe (a classy option for champagne!) and Schott Zwiesel Audrey White Wine Glass. Later once dinner starts I plan to bring out matzoh ball soup in the Hanukkah Celebration Soup Bowls.

Then over at my buffet table I took the beautiful silver Malta Lanterns (in the large and medium size) and surrounded my candles with blue ornaments – so fun right! I placed them alongside the Rachel Menorah, which is a contemporary design with traditional inspiration. And to give my buffet table that true twinkle I placed the sweetest mini star string lights (that actually have little stars!).

If you are itching for more “Hanukkah” pieces, Pottery Barn has some beautiful options. Their Hanukkah napkins with embroidered dreidels which I paired with the Maxfeild Napkin Rings are the perfect pop of blue for your dinner table. Or as I mentioned, I plan to use  their hand painted soup bowls with dreidel decorations for matzoh ball soup, and there is also a matching tray for condiments or gelt.

Looking forward to celebrating in just a few short weeks with this gorgeous table.

Happy Hanukkah friends!!

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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Pottery Barn for partnering on this post.

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