Flower Pot Cupcake DIY

As you saw in my Mother’s Day Tablescape, I created a centerpiece of beautiful desserts. This dessert in particular is too cute and a great DIY for you and the kids to work on before Mother’s Day dinner! So delicious and perfect for displaying! Hope you have fun making this recipe!!

Directions for Flower Pot Cupcakes:

  1. Spray cupcake sheet with Baking Spray
  2. Combine 2 of the Pre-cut Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Squares into 1 ball
  3. Place each “ball” of dough in to the cupcake mold and press / indent the center to make a “flower pot” shape
  4. Place in oven at 375 degrees for 11 minutes
  5. While cookie cools make chocolate ganache
  6. Put 1 cup of heavy cream into a sauce and cook on medium until it begins to simmer
  7. Add 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips and stir until thick and combined
  8. Fill cooled sugar cookie pots with chocolate ganache
  9. Place 8 oreos into a zip lock bag and crush with rolling pin (*note: use only the cookies, do not include vanilla frosting)
  10. Place crushed oreos on top of ganache to add the look of “dirt”
  11. Superglue faux flower to the top of a tooth pick, repeat until you have enough for your batch, place in flower pot!
  12. Serve!

Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively Photography