DIY Personal Olive Oil Jars

Personal Olive Oils

Next week I will be revealing a gorgeous outdoor tablescape I created on my patio for a summer night spent with friends {sneak peek here on my Instagram}. From succulents to candles the table is filled with little details, but today I wanted to share one the sweetest, a DIY for personal olive oil jars. I always love dipping fresh bread into olive oil at restaurants so I loved the idea of bringing this concept home, and what better way than to provide each guest with their own bottle to enjoy alongside fresh bakery bread and a dish of sea salt. These mini jars not only make for the perfect eye candy on your tabletop, but then they also double as a fab take-home gift for post dinner.

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To create these DIY jars, you need the following :

  • Mini glass jars with swing tops {here} – enough so each guest has their own. I bought a set of 12 and used 8.
  • A large bottle of Olive Oil {Plan to fill each jar 3/4 of the way}
  • Fresh Rosemary {1 sprig per glass}
  • Sea Salt {Enough for each guest to be given a small dish}
  • Wooden cutting boards {1 for each guest} to display the finished product {Mine were from West Elm, link here}


Directions: Begin by filling each of your jars half way with olive oil. Next trim your rosemary stalks so they are just tall enough to fill each bottle. Place the rosemary stalk into the half filled bottle, then fill the remainder with just enough olive oil so that the container closes and there are no spills.

Display on your table: To execute this tablescape, each guest should be given their own cutting board topped with fresh bread {I like a french baguette or dinner roll}, a small dish of sea salt {a sprig of extra rosemary on top looks nice!}, and their own bottle on olive oil to enjoy. Remind guests to take theirs home to enjoy once dinner is over!

Before and After2028A7167prep2olive oil jars complete2028A7200028A7199

Stay tuned for next week’s post where this DIY project comes to life!

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