Dirt Pudding Cups

Dirt Pudding Cup Recipe by the Fashionable Hostess

I have the biggest sweet tooth and nothing fulfills it better than a rich chocolate dessert. But while I love lavish moltens and rich cakes, I am always hunting for ways to satisfy the craving while not completely destroying my healthy ways. A delicious solution that I recently reconnected with and now love serving for dinner parties is chocolate pudding. Some of you may be thinking, “wow, how juvenile; I haven’t had those since ‘Snack Packs‘ in middle school” but hopefully a few of you are still intrigued. Well, juvenile or not, these delightful treats {aka dirt pudding cups} when made with low-fat milk, light whipped cream, and a few crushed Low-Fat Oreos, can be less than 150 calories a pop! And when it comes to “classing” them up, it’s all about displaying them in beautiful bowls at your dinner party so they look elegant and refined. So if you are ready to take care of that chocolate fix, read on!

Fashionable Hostess preps Pudding Tray

By far the most important task in executing this dessert is your display. I took a large white rectangular tray for serving and then ten shimmery silver mini bowls, and lined them in two straight rows. Of course you need miniature dessert spoons to accompany the bowls! The key: the more elegant the bowls, the nicer the dish looks!

Dirt Pudding CupsFashionable Hostess preps Pudding Tray

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Now on to the making of the pudding, which takes less than five minutes. Simply mix 2 packets of classic Chocolate Jell-O (serves 10 small bowls) with Low Fat Milk and stir until smooth.

Dirt Pudding Cup Ingredients // FashionableHostess.comDirt Pudding Cup Ingredients // FashionableHostess.comDirt Pudding Cup Ingredients // FashionableHostess.comDirt Pudding Cup Ingredients // FashionableHostess.comMaking Dirt Pudding Cup // FashionableHostess.com

On to the exercise portion. Yes ladies, it’s time to whip out those muscles and smash! Fill a large Ziploc bag with 2 rows of Oreos, close the Ziploc and start banging. I actually used my knuckles, but you can use a mallet, hammer, cookbooks, heck, slam it against a wall if you need to release some stress. Just be weary that small rips in the bag may start to form after a good amount of smashing and you don’t want to fling oreos across your whole kitchen.

Oreos for your toppingCrush Oreo Cookies // Fashionable HostessMaking Dirt Pudding Cup // FashionableHostess.com

Now for the final touches… I like to refrigerate my pudding right up to serving time so it’s nice and cold. The perfect transition is to sneak into the kitchen while you have your co-host clear the dinner dishes. All that’s left is to: 1. Fill the cups with pudding. 2. Top with a dolup or circular swirl of whipped cream. 3. Sprinkle with crushed oreos. Pop in a small spoon and serve!

Making Dirt Pudding Cup // FashionableHostess.comReddi Whip Topping sprinkle crushed oreosDirt Pudding Cups // FashionableHostess.com

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  1. Wow, this looks delicious! Do you happen to know where you got your mixing bowl, with the handle and spout? I have been looking for one just like it for ages. Thanks!

    1. There are a bunch at Bed Bath and Beyond. Also Oxxo has a “batter bowl” with a no slip handle I recommend!

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