Citrus Cheeseboard

Citrus Cheeseboard

Give your cheese board the update it needs for Spring entertaining by giving it a citrus twist. Swap your go-to garnishes for accents of lemon, oranges, and limes for that pop of color.

Styling your Board

Step 1:

Start with a large wooden board – this one is from ETU Home and is absolutely beautiful!! Place your cheeses and grape clusters first since they are the largest items and anchor the board. I usually like to have one large cheese wedge, another cheese that is cut into cubes, and another that is sliced!

Step 2:

Next surround your cheeses with a green garnish like thyme and tuck under and around the large cheeses to lay your “accessories” on top of. Next, work in crackers, salamis and prosciuttos. I am loving the brand Creminelli for my cheese board meats!! I try to lay my meats in a few different ways… sliced, rolled or fanned. Then I like a few small bowls (these are West Elm) in my corners, which are filled with cornichons, olives, or nuts.

Step 3:

Lastly, work in the citrus! From small mandarins to a large orange slice on top of your brie or manchego, you will instantly get that bright color and texture you need to make it feel “Springy”.



Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

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