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I sat down for a Q & A so my readers could learn more about my life, loves, and how I got where I am today… Let’s see how much you really know about the FH.

Get to know the FH : Q & A with Amanda Saiontz Gluck

Q: What was your inspiration for starting  Fashionable Hostess?

A: In 2010 when I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) I decided college was over and it was time to put away the Red SOLO cups and serve drinks in wine glasses when I had guests. The next step was adding food into the mix, which then evolved into full seated dinners. My friends were so impressed by my presentation that they begged me to start a blog, so I did. And since I had been working in fashion for five years, I decided to include that element into the blog as well. Ironically, fashion and home decor seemed to have this perfect harmony. My fashionable girlfriends wanted to look good when they left their house, but they also wanted to feel a sense of pride when they invited people over. The Fashionable Hostess as a result seemed to be the perfect marriage between the two.

Q: How has your blog changed since then and what do you think your readers can take away from your life experience?

A: I have come a VERY long way since the start of FH. I went from living with a boyfriend/ going out endless nights/ prancing around to the hottest NYC fashion parties, to becoming engaged/ learning everything there is to know about registries/ planning a 335 person wedding in Miami, to becoming a wife/ home-make{ing} and entertaining daily / to {unexpectedly!} becoming a mom-to-be, to most currently living as a young NYC mom/ working as an Entrepreneur {focusing full-time on my Blog}/ guest editing for several publications/ oh, and the obvious, being a wife! I hope that all of the knowledge I have gained along the way can help guide women going through similar exciting/over-whelming phases, whether it’s registering, prepping for their little one to arrive, dressing for a fabulous party, or planning the most elaborate dinner party!

Q: If you were to describe your “style” in under 40 words, what would it be?

A: Lover of Kelly Wearstler home accents, Kim Seybert table linens, Diptyque candles, Restoration Hardware bedding, Slim Aarons artwork, West Elm votives, Balenciaga handbags, Flybarre workout classes, Sancerre white wine,  Parmigiano reggiano cheese, and Cuisinart Bakeware.

Q: Where did your love for Fashion come from and what experience do you have in the industry?

A: My love of Fashion started from a young age. My mom owned two children’s clothing boutiques in Miami, Florida, so she would bring me along as her “assistant buyer” on trips to NYC starting at age 15! After my first trade show, I knew I had to be in Fashion and that NYC was the best place for it. During college I started with an internship at Lacoste and then was hired by Macy’s Merchandising Group after I graduated. I went on to an array of companies including Harpers Bazaar, Shashi Jewelry and ultimately Alice & Trixie. The industry in general has such an awesome energy. Every day I would get up and have way too much fun trying on different outfits, makeup, and accessories. My favorite part of the day (even now!) is my time spent getting dressed!

Q: You focus a lot of health {with your healthy recipes and ‘tone’ section}. Where did this passion come from?

A: I grew up in a house with 4 siblings, all of which were tennis players. We all played every day from the time we were elementary school through high school championships, on to college where I played number one singles for Brown University {a secret I don’t divulge often.} Because of my love for the sport, I always had a great working out/eating balance. But once I hit the real world and no longer had tennis to cancel out my nights of drinking and desserts, I knew I needed to become even more health conscious in my cooking. Now I have a great routine; I have workouts I love like Flybarre and Soul Cycle, and then I enjoy cooking healthy meals. I must say that staying in shape throughout my pregnancy (continuing to eat healthy and working out) made my delivery quick and my post-baby-body easy to recover.

Q: You also have a “monthly beauty essentials list” in your ‘beautify’ section. Where did this blossom from?

A: I am an absolute product junkie. I cannot tell you how many texts from friends/ followers/ family I get a day asking “what lipgloss should I buy?,” “what’s the newest moisturizer you recommend?” or “I have a wedding coming up, can you write me a prep sheet?” Honestly, I just spend way too much time and money at Sephora and love every minute of it. I look forward to nights when I stay in so I can do “beauty nights,” consisting of moisturizers, hair masks, face masks, teeth whitening, tanning cremes, and more. I would say that after 15 years of (in my mind) “experience,” I am a beauty expert.

Q: How has your life changed since becoming a mom? Has it affected the way you view the world or write your blog?

A: The FHB, Baby Reese, is just the most delicious thing in the world. Everyday with her is so much fun, so exciting, and so adorable – I will admit that I am beyond obsessed and I take about 100 new pics a day (thank god for my iPhone!) One thing that was unexpected in becoming pregnant and then becoming a mom, was my introduction to a whole new world of women (both readers and bloggers) that I love and admire. These moms are such an awesome network with no judgements and endless positive energy; I love it! As for my blog, I think the “FHB Style” Posts (obviously a new addition) are more popular than my Fashion outfits, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Q: And lastly, you have some “FH” Lingo, can you please explain…

A: Oh come on, they are easy!

FH = Fashionable Hostess

FHH = Fashionable Hostess’ Husband

FHB = Fashionable Hostess’ Baby also referred to as Baby Gluck or Reese Ella


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