Baby Fashion

Fall Festivities

October 14, 2016
Since moving to Miami, we’ve had to be really creative in creating “Fall vibes”… first, we decorated our house with wreaths and pumpkins, then we threw a cute kids Halloween party, and today we did some DIY apple and pear picking. Kind of like an easter egg hunt I sprinkled fresh fruits throughout the yard and gave the kids little baskets to...

Back to School

August 13, 2016
It’s been an amazing summer filled with dance camps, gymnastics, swimming, and what I think is just the start of many home theater performances. But now that summer is coming to a close, we are excited for the next chapter – starting nursery! I have to say we have been having a lot of fun preparing – practicing writing with...

Summer Stripes

May 18, 2016
Can we talk about the cuteness overload in today’s post?! Sunshine, smiles, stripes, and sweets. Welcome back to our backyard {did you catch a tour in this post?!}. We have been spending endless hours playing in the sun and swimming in our pool and the kids are in seventh heaven. From the very the moment we decided to move to Miami and found a...
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