5 Months Pregnant – Tips for Styling the Second Trimester

The latter part of the second trimester {pregnancy weeks 23-27} is my favorite “Fashionable Maternity” time. I finally have enough belly bump to go back to my flowy tops {now looking pregnant rather bloated}, I have a lovely “pregnancy glow” {with the help of a few beauty products}, and I am overall pretty comfortable in size {no sign of a waddle yet!}. But when it comes to getting dressed up, I still find it to be a slight struggle. I am always torn over whether to splurge on that printed maternity dress that I will wear once, max twice or if I can somehow find something in my closet as a workable alternative. Knowing that in the third trimester I will probably grow dramatically and not be able to fit into whatever size maternity dress I buy now, making the right choice can be tough.

This issue truly came to fruition when brainstorming what I was going to wear for the Fashionable Hostess & Beyond Mom Cocktail Event for Mom-preneurs. Since I am a fashionista, I knew I needed something either in a pop color or print. The issue with non-maternity options is the dilemma of the “back scrunch” as I call it. {The “back scrunch” is where there is a pulling in the fabric right above your tush because your belly on the opposite end is making it too tight, causing a “scrunch” in the fabric.} Deciding that I would rather save up for real maternity come the third trimester, I found the perfect solution right in my closet – a wrap dress. Wrap dresses give you the space right where you need it and allow you to adjust the tie as you grow. If you don’t own one, it’s worth the splurge because they will work post-pregnancy as well, especially in those first few months post-baby when you are trying to lose the excess weight and need some coverage.

For my event, I ended up choosing a variation of a wrap dress that I own; a polka dot dress by WHIT, which I picked up at Neiman Marcus in Miami. It’s not the whole nine yards of tying around, but it has a front “swoop” of extra fabric making it perfect for my belly. So there you have it, the solution for when you don’t want to totally splurge on maternity wear {shop some of my picks below!}. Now on to accessories that will compliment any belly size!

For accessories, I love gold in the summer time so I chose a cute stack of gold bangles from INPINK {The Marina Set only $32.00 and stretchy!} and a statement ring from Club Monaco {The Lillian Ring $59.50}. Now I know some pregnant ladies hate heels, but when you are feeling a little larger than you would like, I recommend even a comfortable wedge so you feel a tad more sexy! I am a crazy person and can rock 4+ inches {for at least a few hours}, so don’t go by me! For the event since it was still a tad chilly in NYC, I felt like booties would be the perfect touch; so I went with my Jimmy Choo Black booties with grommet studs, mixing that whole sweet meets edgy vibe.

So here are some of my favorite wrap dress options if you love this middle ground idea. And remember, whether you choose non-maternity or the maternity route, I absolutely recommend wearing prints or colors! You will instantly feel stylish during what can easily feel like a frumpy time. Here are a few of my recommendations:


And last but not least, EMBRACE IT! You have an adorable belly – some big, some small. And with every kick {which now is more and more common, even at the sip of a coffee – yes I still drink it!} remember you have a little nugget inside of you that you need to love and cherish, so don’t be so hard on yourself whether you need an XL maternity or have major bump envy of some random celebrity! Happy Bumping and make sure to follow my Instagram Hashtag #FHBump for more maternity Fashion updates!

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