8 Months Pregnant – The ‘Before, During, and After’ Dress

Long Sleeveless Black Caftan by Rachel Pally, nursing friendly maternity dresses
Shop BURU Rachel Pally Maternity Dresses, Maternity style, versatilve maternity dresses

When I met the gorgeous founder of E-commerce site Shop BURU, Morgan Hutchinson, I thought to myself… “This is my type of gal.” If you saw her walking on the street you may mistake her for a blonde model {some Asian tourists actually did as we exited our coffee date at the Donald Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue!}. But when you get to chatting with her, you see she is a down-to-earth hard-working mom, both dedicated to her family life and career. Her mission: to make motherhood {and breastfeeding} as fashionable as possible… pretty fab, right? Well, her shop, ShopBURU.com does just that; it is a curated collection of nursing friendly but also fashion forward ready-to-wear… so rather than dis-robing in a restaurant’s bathroom so you can nurse, you can be comfy and trendy, with {ahem} easy access.

When Morgan asked me to be a part of a series that she is starting on her site called the “Perfect Before, During, and After Maternity Looks,” a collection highlighting styles that you can wear while pregnant, while nursing, as a new mom and beyond, I was totally in! Who doesn’t want a maxi like the Long Sleeveless Black Caftan by Rachel Pally I am wearing, that they can wear for years?! I was featured as her “during” moment, but you better believe that now that I have the baby, I will definitely be whipping out this soft-as-can-be dress for days out and about. Her new shopping section is going live today, so check it out here.

Maxi dresses that work before during and after pregnancy

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