6 Months Pregnant – Mixing Harem Pants + Baby Bumps

Making the Harem Pant Trend work during Pregnancy // FashionableHostess.com

Sometimes it is so damn hard to be trendy while pregnant. My “go-to” style when slim, as can be seen in my “Dress on Trend” section, is a loose top with skinny jeans {envision the Conway Top from A.L.C. with J Brand skinnies}, but wearing too loose of a top when pregnant can just make you look huge. So buh-bye to silk flowy blouses! On the other hand, wearing a tight top with tight bottoms, I feel like I am being too risqué, not to mention way off trend {unless I am going for the Miley Cyrus look, NOT!}. So what’s a girl in my situation todo? One answer: Harem Pants. Time to loosen it up down below and tighten it up on top… taking this girl right out of her comfort zone! So how do I pull off this look and still feel great? See some tips below!

Fashionable Hostess in Old Navy Tank, Levis Denim Jacket and Zara Harem PantsPink Balenciaga // FashionableHostess.comStrolling in NYC in Harem Pants // FashionableHostess.com

Tips to making this trend work…

1. Wear the pants below the bump… or sans bump, just wear them low at your hip bone.

2. Make sure they are loose! Harem pants should not be giving you any form… if they are clinging to your thighs, then they are too small. If they are giving you a camel toe, then they are too high. If they don’t look semi-like pajama pants, shop for a less tailored style!

3. Worried you just look huge? I love ones that have a gathering or cuff at the ankle; this helps to visually slim out the leg.

4. Think they are too casual and want to wear for work? A. Get ones in a print and B. Get ones that button at the clasp rather than ones with a drawstring.

5. Pair them with a fitted top. If you go loose and loose you will be beyond Man-Repeller and look overall just larger.

6. If you are uncomfortable in a tight tank, throw on a denim vest or denim jacket over top. Just make sure the vest or jacket is short {the bottom of your jacket should not reach the top of your harem pants!}.

7. Have fun with accessories! I love the pairing of my pop color Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag, and I dressed up the look with my metallic pointy flats!

Amanda Gluck of Fashionable Hostess

Shop some of my Harem Pants Picks at AMAZING prices:

Balenciaga Pink Bag for Spring // FashionableHostess.comNYC Spring ready in Harem Pants by Zara // FashionableHostess.com

Note: This shoot took place when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Follow along with my Bump Fashion on Instagram with Hashtag #FHBUMP

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